Real Estate Myths Debunked

The recent settlement from the National Association of Realtors has everyone on their toes. Buyers, sellers and agents are working to adjust a process that historically has had minimal change. Luckily, we’re no stranger to rethinking real estate — it’s what we do best. We’ve spent the last decade as your trusted real estate resource, and know you may be getting mixed messages. So let us do the work for you. Here’s a breakdown of myths + facts:



6% was the “standard” commission.


There may be a gold standard for agents, but there’s never been a fixed standard when it comes to commissions. Commissions can range from a low flat fee of a few hundred dollars to above 6%. And, we’ll share some news —…

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The Near East Side: A Hotspot With Heart

Tucked in the Isthmus sits Madison’s Near East Side neighborhood — a treasured pocket of deeply-rooted, revitalized living. Hugging our scenic lakes, its streets are dotted with hip-and-cool meetspots for coffee, cuisine + creativity; gorgeous, mature trees; and a range of homes from quaint cozy to lakeside luxe. Holding dear to neighborhood events, independent shopkeeps and unrivaled access to beautiful paths + waterways, it has an elevated trendy, yet homegrown vibe. The standout for us? Its steadfast dedication to building community. With iconic spaces for engagement + connection, the Near East Side offers unbeatable urban authenticity.


Breese Stevens Field

Established 1926, Breese Stevens…

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Property Investment — Breaking Down the Risks + Rewards

Savvy investors usually subscribe to a brick-by-brick approach — incrementally building a well-balanced portfolio from the ground up. Real estate has long been considered a strong financial investment, delivering a tangible asset with tax benefits that allows for more control. Buying a property and holding for the long term can offer a lucrative value proposition. But how do you navigate the landscape to mitigate your risk and maximize your return? 

Property investment holds key challenges + takeaways. Let’s explore them both with Zach Scherschel, COO of Sprinkman Real Estate and Partner at Sprinkman Property Management.



I’m ready to purchase an investment property, but…

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After neighboring the world’s biggest playground, Dick and Gayle knew they needed a home with dynamic vitality when they moved from New York to Madison. Somewhere an arm’s length from experiences, but also beautiful architecture, tree-lined streets and maybe just one more thing — the lake. The sumptuous shoreline retreat on Farwell Drive in Maple Bluff fit the bill perfectly. 

After deciding to make the move back to the Madison area, they promptly reached out to Shelly Sprinkman upon receiving countless glowing referrals.

“When we decided to move back, we asked all our friends for recommendations on a real estate broker. By far the most common answer was, ‘If you want a home on Lake Mendota, call Shelly Sprinkman.’…

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At Sprinkman Real Estate, we’re honored to be your trusted real estate resource. The recent settlement by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) is likely topping your news feeds, and you may have questions regarding its impact on buying or selling a home. Here is an overview of what we know today, what changes you can expect, and our thoughts on how to navigate your personal real estate journey moving forward. 



  • The NAR recently reached a settlement that will affect how Buyer’s Agent compensation is marketed.

  • Scheduled to take effect late July 2024, this settlement is awaiting approval by the federal court.


  • Real estate commissions have always been and…

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Belle Farm is a new kind of residential community in Middleton, Wisconsin focused on physical and mental wellbeing and a deep respect for the earth.

Preserving 50% open space and nestled around Graber Pond, this 44-acre walkable neighborhood was designed to allow residents to connect with nature and neighbors, to live and to thrive, and to feel delight around every corner. Hiking, biking and running trails allow for more outdoor time and opportunities to stay active.

Belle Farm includes a lovely variety of housing styles, health and wellness amenities, neighborhood focused businesses and stunning European and coastal influenced architecture.


Chicago Row Homes, Cottages,…

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Spring Market Prep: A Guide to Preparing Your Home for Sale in 2024

The anticipation is building as the Spring Market approaches, bringing with it the perfect opportunity for those looking to make a move in 2024. If you're eager to sell your home but find it not quite "show-ready," fear not! We've compiled a list of steps to guide you through the process of transforming your space into a buyer's dream. From decluttering to deep cleaning, we've got you covered.

  1. Declutter: The first step to creating an inviting space is decluttering. Our very own Sprinkman Design Collective, along with Clutter Crew and Pretty Little Spaces, are excellent resources to help you get started. They offer expert advice on organizing your belongings and creating a…

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Navigating the 2024 Housing Market:
Tips for Buyers and Sellers

As the year settles in, many are setting their sights on new homes. Whether you're a first-time buyer brimming with excitement or a seasoned seller ready for a fresh start, navigating the current landscape requires careful planning and informed decisions. So, let's explore the key considerations for both sides of the fence:

For Buyers:
  • Mortgage Matters: While mortgage rates might be stabilizing, they remain higher than recent lows. Getting pre-approved early is crucial to understand your budget and avoid surprises. We have preferred lenders to connect you with, taking care of the first step for you.

  • Inventory Insights: While competition might ease slightly,…

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What compels a real estate firm to bring a design team into the fold? 

Perhaps it’s the allure that comes with the industry itself – a palpable excitement around the endless creative possibilities with textures, colors, shapes, and applications. Not to mention, when it comes to adding value to your home, the design route is a truly advantageous way to go. 

Mostly, adding the design element to our real estate business made sense in the service of our clients. Yet another facet of the process; a seamless way to enhance the real estate experience. Whether one is looking to buy or sell, the perks a design team can add to the equation are invaluable.



We at Sprinkman Real Estate therefore set out to bring…

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Loan Expert >>

Cliches are cliches for a reason. Most of the time they can be pretty spot on. We tend to agree with this one: “Good help is hard to find.” 

Sometimes, though, you get lucky and come across a service experience that leaves you feeling taken care of and full of gratitude. We’ve all been there – it’s almost magical how relieved you can feel to know you’re in good hands. It’s a breath of fresh air, a weight off your shoulders. Conversely, we’ve all experienced feelings associated with a negative service experience.  Helplessness and frustration among other things.  

Here at Sprinkman Real Estate + Design, we think good help should be the standard. At least if we have any say in the matter. That’s why…

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