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Cliches are cliches for a reason. Most of the time they can be pretty spot on. We tend to agree with this one: “Good help is hard to find.” 

Sometimes, though, you get lucky and come across a service experience that leaves you feeling taken care of and full of gratitude. We’ve all been there – it’s almost magical how relieved you can feel to know you’re in good hands. It’s a breath of fresh air, a weight off your shoulders. Conversely, we’ve all experienced feelings associated with a negative service experience.  Helplessness and frustration among other things.  

Here at Sprinkman Real Estate + Design, we think good help should be the standard. At least if we have any say in the matter. That’s why we’ve carefully curated a list of our most respected local service providers, which you can find on our Local Resources page

After all, a successful real estate transaction is truly a team effort. The many parts and pieces coming together – hopefully in a seamless, orchestrated fashion – to deliver an elevated level of service. In many ways this process is akin to a jigsaw puzzle – identifying the appropriate pieces and slotting them in strategically. Just as we, as a company, take pride in our ability to provide elevated service to our clients, we hold our business partners equally accountable and have created this list of resources to help save you time and headache.

And today we want to highlight – dare we say celebrate – one of our most trusted resources. Someone we’re particularly fond of, who gives us all the warm and fuzzy feelings of being in good hands. That man is Ryan Brown, a loan officer at Fairway Mortgage here in Madison.

Ryan operates out of our downtown office, where he services our agents and clients with his robust knowledge and experience around real estate financials. When attempting to secure a loan, one must consider many factors. How is your credit? What is your annual income? Who is applying for the loan? What role does pre-approval play in the process? These questions and more are thrown at Ryan on a daily basis. He draws from a wealth of experience to provide precise, comprehensive answers. All with a wonderful bedside manner and sense of humor! 

You can contact Ryan here. But we thought we’d swing by his desk today to put him in the hot seat and allow him to tell you directly why he’s our Local Resources Spotlight for this month:

What is the number one thing you see people getting tripped up on when it comes to securing their finances? People get hung up on rates. While rates are certainly important, it is more important to be working with someone local. Local lenders know the market, the parties involved, and their reputation depends on getting deals closed. This is more important than ever with such limited inventory, offers having so few contingencies and most homes getting multiple offers.

What’s the elevator pitch on why folks should go with you and Fairway Mortgage for their real estate lending needs? Fairway is fast and we have a great reputation with real estate agents. We close loans in as little as 8 days and consistently win deals with multiple offers because agents trust us and enjoy working with us. 

What do you consider the most commonly unrecognized or undervalued thing about your job? People typically come to a loan officer when they need a loan, but we can do so much to help someone get ready for a loan. We can advise you on the pros and cons of salaried vs. variable income, the different kinds of debt and how they will affect your mortgage application and things you can do to improve your credit.

What are some things you and your company can do to differentiate from your competitors and drive value for your clients? Fairway is a mortgage bank, which is different from a regular savings and loan bank or credit union. Those institutions only have access to their own products to sell. We have access to dozens of lenders and hundreds of loan products. We can shop multiple providers and find the best loan for someone’s situation.

So there you have it. We truly appreciate Ryan’s partnership and marvel at his fountain of insights! Reach out to Ryan today to help you get started on your next real estate endeavor.

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