Ah, the joys of moving to a new city. So much information to gather. So much to coordinate. So little time.

Whether it’s your first move or your tenth, it’s an exciting time filled with hope and optimism for the future. And a long list of things to consider. Even the most diligent of planners can find themselves hung up on the details. 

It’s times like these when a local expert is your most valuable asset.

That’s why, at Sprinkman Real Estate + Design, we take tremendous pride in our relocation program. We have a team of local experts with vast historical knowledge and experience within our community. We’re fond of saying: “We live here, we know here,” because it’s the truth – our Realtors live and work in Madison and have come to know the capital city inside and out.

We put ourselves in your shoes and ask, “What do we need to know about this new community?” It’s about thinking through the details. Things like:

Neighborhoods. There are a lot of them, and they all carry a slightly different vibe. From downtown condo living where walkability reigns supreme, to sprawling country land where fresh breeze and a beautiful sunset are top priority, it’s important to dial into what features are most important to you.

Neighborhood features. Need access to bike trails, parks, or local amenities like restaurants and bars? Certain neighborhoods check those boxes, while others operate under a completely different set of criteria. A wonderful thing about Madison is the variety it offers, including the beautiful lakes that surround our neighborhoods. A ten mile drive across town will showcase a multitude of neighborhood layouts. Consider the feelings that are conjured by driving through a neighborhood and what that means for you.

Commute times. Madison is a small town, but as the city grows, so do commute times. Being mindful of your home base in relation to your employer can be a big factor. 

Home styles. Love the charm of historic homes? Crave the low maintenance that comes with newer builds? We have everything from established neighborhoods with mature trees and large lots to new construction developments. Understanding what aligns with your tastes is a critical component to this equation. Where do you begin? Let us help you get started. We’ve worked with local partners large and small. Check out the long list of local organizations we’ve aided with employee relocation efforts and our community partners, which allow us to stay engaged with the various neighborhoods that make up our vibrant surroundings.

We believe clarity can be gained by asking a list of pointed questions to narrow down the search. This key information allows us to save you time and refine your search criteria. Because learning about your community can and should be fun. It’s about seeing this magical city through your eyes, and adjusting our lens to tailor the view based on the things you need to see and understand. 

  • Where do you work? 

  • Do you have pets? 

  • Do you have children? 

  • Are schools of importance to you? 

  • What values are important to you? 

These details begin to build a clearer picture of where to look to help you find the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. It’s about uncovering your future together.

We also believe in giving back to this vibrant community – doing our part for local businesses such as:

And it’s that type of day-to-day collaboration that keeps us on the cutting edge of Madison and poised to offer relocation assistance at such a high level.

Ready to make a move to this fine community of ours? Give us a call to get started!


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