Jake Kujawa, Realtor

Jake is very passionate about helping young professionals find and purchase their first home. He believes that the process of buying a home doesn't have to be scary or overwhelming to new homeowners and that your perfect first home is out there waiting to be discovered. Some of Jake's biggest strengths are his Creativity, Communication, and Consistency. His work ethic and drive ensure that he will do everything in his power to make sure you begin this next big chapter by making the best possible decisions for yourself and your future home.

A few years ago, this Milwaukee native moved to Madison and fell in love with this city. Jake comes from a strong, diverse background in the arts and communication. After graduating from UW-Stevens Point, he has worked in both the public and private sectors providing top-tier service, communication, and customer care. Jake has called Madison his home as a marketer for UW-Madison and he has ventured across Madison discovering all of the wonderful opportunities that it has to offer that contribute to building a vibrant life here - particularly the best restaurants and nature spots in the area!

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